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Hi, I'm Shivendra IT Engineer turned into Digital Mentor. Being a spiritually
grounded minimalist, I am on a mission to help atleast 1,00,000
people to learn, Implement and Earn in the Digital World.

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My Story....


It was the year 2010 when I got the opportunity to work with IIT Kanpur Excited to work with one of the prestigious institutions, I joined IIT Kanpur. The department where i worked is Startup Incubation & Innovation Centre formerly known as (SIDBI Innovation and Incubation centre) However, after a while, I realised that something was missing, and I wasn't happy. I had always wanted to be a trainer.
Despite being offered a transfer to IIT Delhi, I refused to join and instead decided to explore my passion for training. At the time, many of my friends had joined the banking sector as probationary officers, and I also got influenced by them.
I decided to quit my current job and join a reputed coaching institute to prepare for the banking sector's Probationary officer exam. Along with that, I started working as an academic instructor in the same coaching institute. This way, earning came with learning, and I was doing what I loved.
While working as an academic instructor, I also prepared for the IT officer exam and cleared it on my first attempt. However, I didn't qualify for the interview due to low merit. Despite the setback, I felt happy and content with my post as an academic instructor.
The respect and love that my students gave me made me realise that I was following my passion, and I loved the work I was doing. It was an emotionally charged moment for me, and I knew that I wanted to continue doing what I loved.
The moral of my story is to follow your passion and do the work that you love. Success and happiness will follow if you're doing something that you're truly passionate about. Don't let anyone else's influence or expectations define your path. Follow your heart, and you'll find fulfilment in your work and life.


Reading Currently


Reading Currently

5000+ Students!

More then 5000+  students trained Previously
 Now I am on a mission to help at least 1,00,000 people to
 learn, Implement and Earn
in the Digital World.

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